About us

Rubirose Barber and Beauty Supply offers consumers a wide variety of professional and quality products from the top brands in the industry. Products that all professionals desire and use.

We also stand on providing helpful tips and expert advice to our customers because we don't just sell beauty supplies, we are also part of the culture!

The inspiration: The story of Porfirio Rubirosa

Porfirio Rubirosa is an iconic 1950's man's, man. A diplomat, a race car driver, a pilot, polo sportsman, an assassin and a lady's man, and the most sought after man by everyone.  Porfirio Rubirosa Ariza was born in 1909 in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Married to dictator Trujillo's daughter and later divorced.
This international playboy married five times and has been linked with the world's most beautiful women: Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Ava Gardner, and Zsa Zsa Gabor. If Rubirosa sounds a bit mythical, a bit like say, James Bond, perhaps, well that's because he is!  Ian Fleming's inspiration for James Bond was the iconic Rubirosa!