Elchim 2001 High Pressure Dryer - Black 2,000 Watts Model 220710010

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Elchim 2001 High Pressure Dryer - Black / 2,000 Watts by ELCHIM

The 2001 is a true classic, the two-time winner of the prestigious "Allure Best" prize, the best hair dryer according to Life & Style and the "Best Beauty Buy" for the magazine InStyle USA. Two speeds, five temperatures, high-pressure air compression technology, reliable and efficient. It has been adopted by many hair stylists and schools thanks to the long life of its motor, which guarantees 2,000 working hours.

  • Color: black
  • 2 speeds and 5 temperatures
  • High pressure technology
  • Long life motor: over 2000 working hours
  • Power: 1700-2000 w 220-240 v
  • Made in Italy

2001 HP Professional Dryer. The hair-dryer that has come down in the professional history.


• Lightweight, handy and aesthetically pleasing
• Seven switch combinations allow for seven ranges of speed and temperature
• Nozzle attachment
• Polycarbonate body
• High pressure technology
  • Very long life motor. 2,000 hours
• Elchim design, employed by a lot of sytlists-schools
• Special award from the magazine ALLURE USA "The Best of the Year"
• Available in black, red/black, red or white